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Being A Creative Is Hard

I just want to make cute prints and stickers and sprinkle everything with sun rays and glitter but it doesn't work like that apparently. I absolutely love creative people, creative businesses, small artists and illustrators, they're my complete inspiration and one day I want to be just like my favourites but I never realised just how difficult it is to get a community on your side.

Somebody once told me that ideas and inspiration are simply recycled. It's extremely hard to come up with something that has never been produced by somebody else, I'm not saying everything we make is copied or borrowed but there is always going to be somebody who has already done it. 

Hello Again!

Ah it's good to be back... I've had a very extended blog break, just over half a year long! I went from posting twice a week to a downwards spiral as a series of events all happened at once which left me feeling very jet lagged and lost. I came to the hard decision of taking down the blog until I came to terms with the changes in my life and here I am, once again!

I hadn't only been away from my blog but I also abandoned the majority of social media but I can say with confidence that it has done me some good. I spent time digging deeper to find the things I enjoy in life and surrounded myself with them and I've hit a few major life milestones in the short amount of time too...