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7 Things To Do On Halloween Without Leaving The House

Hello everybody! Oh man, can we all take a minute to look at how cute this picture is *heart eye emoji*, it just sums up autumn, right?

Moving on... So it's nearly halloween and it's one festivity I really love but here in the UK there's not much to do to celebrate it unless you have money to travel to scare fests or just get drunk with a few mates and to me they don't sound very appealing. Call me a loser but I'd much prefer to stay in the warm, cozy comfort of my own home and do some small things to celebrate halloween. 

Things We Forget About Blogging

Me and my wonderful friend Simone from The beautiful Imperfections Journal were talking about blogging and things we should remind ourselves when it comes to owning a blog and writing content, you can view her post here.

Owning a blog is more stress than it's worth so it seems; We spend so many hours a day working hard for our blogs for nothing but a slight recognition or a comment but do you know why we do it? Because we enjoy it and we enjoy it because we talk about things we are passionate about. 

Last week I wrote the post How to be a blogger, oh and don't worry it's not actually telling you how to be a blogger, imagine how silly that would be! I talked about what it means to be a blogger in my opinion and how I feel like there's a lot of pressure on us bloggers to be something we're not and I think it's important that we remember that our blog is for us, it is ours and shouldn't be something that others want it to be.

How To Be A Blogger

There's so many posts floating around the internet telling us what we should and shouldn't do with our blog and how and how not to be a blogger and as much as I enjoy reading and writing similar posts myself, is it really necessary?

I've learnt everything I know about blogging through other blogs and hands down I'd still be an unorganised mess if it wasn't for other bloggers sharing their tips but sometimes I feel very pressured that I need to be a certain way or have certain things to be seen as a blogger.

Why You Should Shoot In RAW

I've had a DSLR for little over a year now and only recently I've been able to use the RAW image format and honestly it's been life changing for me. I'm somebody who takes photos every day and I've taken plenty of images with awful lighting. I've spent hours trying to edit regular image formats without butchering the quality to get that dreamy white background and honestly on the odd chance it's only been successful once or twice.