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Things We Forget About Blogging

Me and my wonderful friend Simone from The beautiful Imperfections Journal were talking about blogging and things we should remind ourselves when it comes to owning a blog and writing content, you can view her post here.

Owning a blog is more stress than it's worth so it seems; We spend so many hours a day working hard for our blogs for nothing but a slight recognition or a comment but do you know why we do it? Because we enjoy it and we enjoy it because we talk about things we are passionate about. 

Last week I wrote the post How to be a blogger, oh and don't worry it's not actually telling you how to be a blogger, imagine how silly that would be! I talked about what it means to be a blogger in my opinion and how I feel like there's a lot of pressure on us bloggers to be something we're not and I think it's important that we remember that our blog is for us, it is ours and shouldn't be something that others want it to be.

Sometimes we forget why we set out on our blogging adventures, our thoughts and opinions get brain washed by what other people are posting. Hands up, I admit it; I still try and make my blog fit in, I still try and get my photography to look dreamy with all the marble and rose gold and I know I'm only doing this because I've seen everyone else do it but I actually want my blog to look like that, I think it just looks so clean and beautiful and that's the style I want to aim for but I don't have to if I don't want to and that's the difference of blogging yourself or blogging for others. 

Like I've said before, your blog is your space, our thoughts are from our minds and as long as you're happy with it then who cares what anybody else has to say?

My whole life has been me running around after everybody else, trying to fit in and it gets me no where and now I only do things that I genuinely want to, whether it get's me somewhere or not and I would suggest anybody to do the same because life is too short to make decisions we don't want to live by. You are not here to please everybody, it is not your job to reach everybody's needs.

Sure people will always say stats matter and to somewhat I do agree but they do not define your blog, they don't determine whether your blog is relevant or not. They can indicate what posts are most popular and what your audience enjoys more but if your stats are low that doesn't mean you're blogging the wrong way, there is no right or wrong way to blog because it's your space.

For me this is the most important and I forget it ALL the damn time. You don't have to have a niche and restrict yourself to specifically 1 style of posts, you don't have to be just a lifestyle blogger and not talk about beauty or art. You don't have to restrict yourself because everyone else is telling you too. I mean if your blog is a business blog then yeah by all means just blog about the brand but if your blog is based around you and what you enjoy then let your imagination go wild and write whatever the hell you want to!

Sometimes we just need little reminders because these things are so easy to forget. I forget my own advice ALL the time!

Do you blog for yourself?


  1. Ahh this is so so important, thank you so much for writing it! I really needed something like this to read because having a small blog can be so discouraging, so I agree that it's important to not define our blog by our stats. I also love the points you made about how our blogs are whatever we want it to be, and it's true that we forget and tend to go with what others are similarly posting instead!
    Such a great post. I am so in love with your posts, and your blog is gorgeous. I'd love if we can follow each other maybe? <3 Do let me know!
    Have a good week xo

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  2. This is sooooo very true and well put! This is why I love the blogging community! Sometimes you can have little to no comments or engagement on your blog but a great network of a few supporters and followers that will take you further places than a gazillion followers and likes!

  3. This was such a wonderful write up and they are so key thanks so much for this wonderful Blog ! and pice you have written its good to hear this from others. So much peace and light to you !

  4. I am so happy to be reading this now cause just a few seconds ago I was stressing on what exactly is my blog about? What niche is it it? What audience I'm I trying to capture? Those questions were stressed filled. I am in the process of creating a website for my blog www.jesuislaureen.com and the more I think about getting it ready to launch is the more I panic. I don't see a launch date in site cause I think I'm reading up so much on what a successful blog is and does yadi da that it makes me feel inadequate. Your points are soooo on point. Remaining authentic is important and not allowing stats to validate your blog and you is key. You made me think about why I'm I doing a blog and I just remembered. It's my space to grow and document my journey on this earth with hopes of inspiring others. Thanks hun 🙌🏾

  5. Everything you've said is so true. When I started my blog I constantly looked at stats and worried that my blog is not worth anything. After a while I realised that number of followers and page visits doesn't really determine anything. I enjoy what I do and that is the most important thing.


  6. Great post! I often feel demoralized when I see other blogs and then I see mine. I write much longer than others and the few photos of mine I use suck. But I know that short posts and dreamy white and pastel photos are not me. I like my blog to represent me.
    A couple of weeks ago I tried to give my advice on blogging as well, focussing on these points, but I'm afraid I still came off as preachy. :P
    Anyway, you blog looks lovely, keep it up. :)