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The Christmas Playlist | 28 Of My Favourite Christmas Songs

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it; It's finally Christmas! And before anybody say's "it's only November" hear me out; The city's Christmas lights have been switched on and the German market has opened up, christmas songs are on the radio and the John Lewis advert is on the telly, how can it not be christmas?

I love christmas for so many reasons but one of the main reasons is the music. There's just so many christmas songs to choose from isn't there? The old classics, the 2000 hits and then the cover versions and I can never memorise them all and which ones are my favourite. I recently bought a 3 disc christmas album from HMV and I hated it, it barely had any of my favourites on their and it made me feel more like the grinch rather than a christmas elf so I decided to put my spotify premium to good use and hunted down 28 of my favourite christmas tracks. Some old, some new and a few covers! 

Why Is Networking So Difficult?

Our lives pretty much revolve around technology and the internet which is filled with so many social networks with millions of people using them. Social media platforms are designed to bring people together but I sometimes feel quite isolated from the conversation.

I love talking to people and making new friends and with the size of the internet and how many of us use it you'd think it would be easier to meet new people who have similar interests but I don't actually think that is the case. Although it's easier to talk to people through the internet it's a lot harder to build solid connections with them.

Why I Left My First Job Before It Began

A job is something I've always wanted but couldn't have for a very long time, it's not because I didn't have the qualifications or the skills, it's not because I was lazy or couldn't be bothered; It was because of my heath, my mental health. 

For the past few years I've suffered from mental illness, I was diagnosed 3 years ago but have been battling with the same feelings since I was an early teenager and I'm nearly 21 now. Feeling this way made my education and my social life extremely difficult and it still has a huge impact on how I live now.

For the past year or so I have been living on benefits as I have been deemed not fit to work by a medical professional and I decided to take the time to focus on getting better. I attended my psychiatrist appointments and tried several different medications but they all came with too many side effects or didn't lift my spirits. 

Everybody tells me "only you can make yourself better, you need to be positive" or "it's all in your head" but it's not as simple as that, is it? I have surrounded myself with the things I enjoy and the people I love; I've practiced self care and socialising, going out and keeping myself busy but at the end of the day the thoughts are back and I'm feeling hopeless again.

11 Things I Like To Do Which Don't Involve A Screen

In todays world it's hard to escape the screen, whether it's on our phone, laptop or tv screens there is always a screen staring back at us. Honestly I can't go an hour without checking my phone unless I've found something good to distract me from it. Picking up our phones or watching tv has became our second nature but sometimes we need to disconnect from it and give our minds a break.

1. Painting
I've been a lover of art my whole life but only in the past year I found an overwhelming love for watercolour painting. I love how you don't have full control over the paint and you never know exactly how it'll turn out. Let's not forget the beautiful texture and effects the dried paint leaves.

I find painting really relaxing, I almost sort of just doodle with paint, I rarely set out to paint a specific picture; I mostly let my paint brush decide.