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Why Is Networking So Difficult?

Our lives pretty much revolve around technology and the internet which is filled with so many social networks with millions of people using them. Social media platforms are designed to bring people together but I sometimes feel quite isolated from the conversation.

I love talking to people and making new friends and with the size of the internet and how many of us use it you'd think it would be easier to meet new people who have similar interests but I don't actually think that is the case. Although it's easier to talk to people through the internet it's a lot harder to build solid connections with them.

I use so many social networks and met some great people through them but after time they always seem to drift away and find someone new or better to talk to and I always feel kind of sad like 'oh, I thought we were getting on great but turns out not'. Am I the only one this happens to? I think the only person I've met online and has actually stuck around is Tee...

Social media isn't just about making friends though is it? We use it to share our blog posts, art work, opinions, outfits of the day and so much more. Companies promote their brands and grow their audience and as much as I think that's great I feel like it's all one big competition. Nobody wants to know unless you have thousands of followers? I mean seriously why is a number so important, it doesn't make somebody more superior than you just because they have a higher number of followers, does it? It doesn't affect somebodies personal worth.

I use twitter so much to grow my blog and to be honest I don't even think it is growing anymore, I'm scheduling the tweets for my blog posts but I get about 2 clicks from twitter a day, I mean come on? I don't blog for stats but I feel like my content just gets written then sits in the dark depths of the interwebs for spiders and dust mites to crawl all over it. Am I that boring or is my content just that rubbish? *Nervous laugh*

I don't think social media is what it's supposed to be, there's so many groups you can be a member of, so many people you can follow and so many boards to pin from and it's only the same old that gets seen. I just want to network with people, I don't want to compete in this silly follower competition, I know followers help you to get noticed but we waste so much time trying to get them but is it really worth it?

For me networking is definitely the hardest part about blogging so I've set out on my own little mission to start my own networks for people to join and actually connect with each other. First of all I created @BusyBloggers on Twitter, it's a small community designed for bloggers to share tweets about their blog posts and encourages the members to take the time to read each others posts and leave feedback.

Then there's the group board on Pinterest, made for Lifestyle bloggers to share their blog pins to a whole new audience besides their followers and the best part is it doesn't matter how many followers you have! We're always looking for people to add to our board so to join tweet @Jems_Journal with your pinterest username and blog link and I'll be sure to send you an invite.


  1. Hi Jem! I agree with you. There are so many platforms out there almost too many. I tried FB & Reddit. They definitely weren't for me. Great post!

  2. I agree with you, too. I find social media so hard, especially if you don't have a large following. My click-through from social media sites like Twitter and FB is virtually non-existent, despite all my scheduling. It's a shame, but it's the way it is. I love that you've set up those accounts to try and help though! x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  3. Yes to all of this! I find social media so exhausting sometimes and I often wonder how people make good friends through it, My blog posts generally do okay on Twitter but sometimes I'll get one or two clicks and be so disheartened bc I've spent so long writing and editing photos for a post, so I totally get how you're feeling!

  4. It is hard work. I have had some excellent results from twitter, Instagram and G+. Unfortunately now numbers are plateauing and I'm not 100% sure where to go next.

  5. Such a great post - I saw this on Twitter and immediately checked it out! I totally agree, it often feels like so much hard work for so little in return. And it sucks even more when some people are lucky and it works well for them!!