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New Year, New Stationery | Stationery Haul #1

It's really no secret that I am a huge stationery addict, my blog, twitter and instagram are smothered in photos with pens, papers and notebooks in. I just can't hold myself back from buying minimal or vintage style stationery goods.

As the new year rolled in it was the perfect excuse for me to expand my collection and blame it on the fact that I wanted to focus on my hobbies - letter writing and journalling. What are better ways to decorate your journal entries and letters than with washi tapes and stickers?

I will be honest, I've spent A LOT of money this month on stationery alone, I didn't realise just how much I bought until I put it all in a pile and added it all up but I am really happy that I did because I was in desperate need of fulfilling my stationery needs.  Pretty stationery is a huge motivator for me and it really pushes me to use it to liven up my planners and writing. I feel that pen and paper can look a little boring on its own and it always ends up in the recycling bin but when it's pretty and decorated it has a whole new lease of life, I'll display it wherever I can and focus on making my next piece of writing even prettier.

Just to get this out the way I won't be able to leave links to all the products as some of them have been taken down/discontinued from places like ebay and amazon but I will leave as many links as possible. Also as I've bought SO much I've picked only a handful of my favourites to share with you!

Letter Writing Bits & Bobs

I have to be honest I really do love hand written letters, especially when they're written on beautiful papers and sealed in crisp envelopes. You can't resist a beautifully hand written letter, can you? I picked up a few packets of paperworks writing paper and envelopes from Paperchase, I found loads of them hidden away in a sale pile and managed to save myself a few pounds. I also found a cute writing pad of kraft-style paper from Muji for a pound!

I absolutely adore wax seals on envelopes too so I bought a few bits from amazon. I first ordered a boxed wax seal set and didn't realise that it came with a HOGWARTS WAX STAMP!!! I was beyond over joyed when I opened the box to a Hogwarts wax seal. The set came with 2 tea lights, a spoon to melt your wax into, 3 wax sticks and the stamp.

As much as I love the Hogwarts wax seal I wanted something that had a personal feel to it and anybody that knows me personally knows that I adore bumble bee's, hell I even have a bumble bee tattoo! So I ordered a Bumble Bee Wax Seal Stamp so whenever I sent someone a letter they'd know it was from me simply from the wax seal. I also ordered a set of 10 different coloured wax sticks which came with a very pointless but cute spoon and two tea lights. The spoon that came with this set was too small and doesn't hold the right amount of wax for a decent stamping. 

Stickers & Random Bits

I found these absolutely beautiful little vintage flower labels/stickers that I'm in love with for £1.29 with free P&P on ebay! I love them SO much that I've placed another order for some more and they didn't take too long to arrive despite the seller being from Hong Kong! Also from eBay I found these sticker sheets however they don't look as nice as they did in the photo when I purchased them so I won't be buying those again.

I picked up a cute little packet of patterned origami paper for a couple of pounds from Muji because I thought they'd look lovely cut up and put into my journal or to write memos on. 

The rose gold bulldog clips where hidden away in TK Maxx.

Rubber Stamps & Ink Pads

~ Sorry for the really bad image, the good lighting was running low #BloggerProblems ~

I got my hands on a lot of different clear rubber stamps online from all different ebay sellers so I'll leave links for them so you can have a look! I really recommend all the stamps I've bought, they're all lovely and really make a difference in my journal. I've also bought some other stamps but they haven't arrived yet so I couldn't really include them.

Washi Tapes

I have to be honest washi tapes are my absolute favourite stationery item in the world, they can make anything look 10x better just by adding a piece or too. I've actually purchased over 30 new washi tapes this month that have been added to my already 50+ washi tape collection. ~ I have a slight addiction, shhh ~ I could not be dealing with photographing 30 new washi tapes so I picked a few of my favourites to share with you. I got these 8 washi tapes pictured above from an etsy seller named Callicrafty, they also sell super cute stickers and all sorts of stationery goods! And yes, that is a washi tape inspired by the famous Van Gogh - Starry Night painting! I purchased an extra one to add to a future giveaway for you guys!

I also bought these outstandingly beautiful watercolour doodle washi tapes from the lovely @Z.Letters on Instagram. Franzi was having a de-stash so I snapped up these barely-used, unique tapes for a bargain and I cannot stop using them! I got 12 different tapes from her in total, Thank you Franzi!

It's really difficult finding stationery that really captures my attention and has that beautiful, warm vintage style to it but after scrounging the internet I managed to find some lovely bits and bobs that I can use to decorate my journal entries and pen pal letters.

Where are your favourite places to buy stationery?


  1. Yay, a fellow stationery lover. Omg, those washi tapes are gorgeous. Especially love the Starry Night inspired washi tape! Great haul. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  2. Ohh, these are so great! :) I love the sticker sheets and the wax stamps. Wonderful :)