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50 Things To Send To Your Penpal

vintage brown paper package with string and stamps

Hello my darlings,

It's no secret that I enjoy sending packages and letters across the globe to my penpals, I've always loved giving to people but sometimes the giving is the problem - What do I give to my penpal that can fit inside an envelope? What the heck do I send them besides a simple letter? The sole purpose of having a penpal is exchanging letters but it's also nice to send them a few goodies along too. I know I'm not the only one who has been stuck on what to send to their pen pals/snail mail buddies so I decided to create a list of things you could send to them without breaking the bank for postage.
  1. Origami animals
  2. A little book filled with facts about you
  3. Luggage tags
  4. Washi samples
  5. Project life Cards
  6. Tea bag packets
  7. Dried flowers
  8. Postcards
  9. Your artwork
  10. Stickers
  11. Confetti 
  12. Paper shapes/die cuts
  13. Photographs/polaroids
  14. Stamps
  15. Paperclips
  16. Mail tag questions
  17. Journaling prompts 
  18. Sticky notes
  20. Doilies
  21. A list of your dreams and ambitions
  22. Magazine/book clippings
  23. Make them a vision board
  24. Tickets
  25. Recipies 
  26. Collage of places you want to visit
  27. Ribbon/twine samples
  28. Notecards
  29. Cross stitch
  30. Friendship bracelets
  31. Your favorite quote
  32. A playlist of your favorite songs
  33. Scrabble tiles
  34. Paint chips 
  35. Patterned papers
  36. A mini tutorial to make something
  37. Etsy shop coupons 
  38. Tiny bunting
  39. Cake toppers
  40. Perfumed paper samples
  41. Seasonal cards
  42. A map of places you've visited
  43. A paw print of your pet 
  44. Stamped images 
  45. Ephemera
  46. An envelope of compliments
  47. Open when... letters
  48. Pretty writing paper sheets
  49. Lace
  50. Deflated balloons 
Of course, there are many more things you could possibly send but to be quite honest after 35 my mind went completely blank and I had to find some pinspiration for the other 15!

What do you send to your penpals?

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  1. I would absolutely love to have a pen pal. These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    Louisa | www.loubeeloublogs.blogspot.co.uk

    1. You're welcome, thanks for dropping by! x

      P.S I'd be more than happy to take on a new penpal if you're interested in the offer - if so drop me a message on twitter or instagram!

  2. Hello Jessica, www.letspal.com

    can you share this website to your blog ?

  3. What a great list! I signed up for a pen pal project thing happening next month so this list will come in handy.

  4. I recommend penpaland.com its a new generation penpal website